October 6, 2016

CS:GO Settings

Full Config:

Visit this link for a full version of my config: (2017-01-11) //Removed Ratio for HRTF!

This config will not change your movement / sensitivity or volume settings in-game.

* Crosshair & Viewmodel Settings
* FPS Boost & Network Adjustments
* Video/Music/Bobbing Optimization
* Raw Input & No Acceleration
* Custom Hud Tweaks
* Useful Scripts
* And more!


DPI Settings: 400
In-Game Sensitivity: 2
Polling Rate: 1000
Acceleration & Deceleration: None
Angle Snapping: None

Launch Options:

-novid -tickrate 128 -refresh 144 +exec bananagaming.cfg -language bananagaming

-novid – Remove the Valve intro that normally plays at the beginning. A must-have launch option in my opinion.
-tickrate 128 – If you create an offline game with bots, the created server will run at tickrate 128 instead of 64.
-refresh 144 – Makes sure the monitor is running the game at 144 Hz. Warning: This will not work if your monitors maximum refresh rate is lower.
+exec bananagaming.cfg – Makes sure my config runs everytime I start the game. Change “bananagaming” to your configs own name.
-language bananagaming – This launch option is only used together with the “Text Color Mod“.

Video Settings:

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