The Improved Radio Mod will give you all the useful commands you will ever need for both offline and online use. They are all neatly sorted inside your radio menus. A must have for CS:GO veterans.

This mod is safe to use and is completely VAC free. What it does is replaces a text file, so make sure you take a backup first. You are welcome to customize the mod to your liking.

The following changes have been made to fit Danger Zone:

- Offline Menu has been added to "radio" (default key: z)

- Bot Menu has been added to "radio1" (default key: unbound)

- Radio Menu has been added to "radio2" and "radio3" (default key: c)

- Re-added "Hold position" and removed "Sector Clear"



  • Version: 2.2c
  • Updated: 2019-01-01