Text Color Mod Version 3.2

Main Features

Detailed rank information.
Simplified Friends Status.
Pimp my Inventory.
Loading screen progress.
Warmup info simplified.
Enhanced damage info.
Defusing tweaks.
Cleaner join info.
Smaller tweaks.

    Version 3.2 (2017-04-21):

    Fonts now work properly with "Item Certificate" when inspecting items.
    Removed unnecessary rows to make it easier to translate.

      Some Images

      Detailed Rank Information
      Pimp my Inventory
      Cleaner Lobby List
      Loading Screen Progress
      Warmup Info Simplified
      Enhanced Damage Info from Version 1.0
      Defusing Tweaks (Clear Message & Defuse Notification)
      Planting Tweaks (Clear Message & Plant Notification)
      Cleaner Join Info


        Arabic by Solo Fraggers
         by Polítega
        Czech by Cody Gaming
        Filipino by KarapanS
         by Darkham4k
        German by Metrollos
        Polish by Kordrad
        Russian by BeebBeebBoob
        Serbian by SerbianKillJoy
        Spanish by Ketzjt
        Turkish by Thales

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