Translate Text Color Mod

So you want to get featured by translating the text color mod? Here’s your chance!

If you make a YouTube video on your translation of the text color mod I will share the video, so when people want to download for the language you have translated, they watch your video! I think it's a pretty neat way to promote other content creators from around the world!

Video Example (French)

Read the steps below very carefully before you begin:

1. Send a message on Facebook if you want to make a translation, specify which language!

2. Wait for confirmation. This is to ensure that two people aren't translating the same language.

3. When you get confirmation you may begin translating.

4. Make sure everything is working, you are 100% responsible for translation (since they will go to your video to download your version).

5. Upload a video on YouTube with instructions for how to download your translation. Upload your file somewhere SAFE! For example Dropbox or Google Drive.

6. Include the following in the video description:

Text Color Mod:
My translation: * DOWNLOAD LINK *

French Example:

7. Send the video link when it's done. If everything looks okay, I will publish it on the main-page and also post about it on Twitter and Facebook.

Note: Follow steps properly and make sure you don't take too long otherwise I'll have to ask someone else to do the translation (for obvious reasons).