The Text Color Mod enhances your CS:GO experience by giving it a colorful uplift. The grenade radio messages and damage information have been adjusted. All types of players, both low and high skilled who love customization can enojy this mod.

It's safe to use for both casual and competitive gaming as it is completely VAC free. All it does is adds a new language to the game. It does not edit any default game files. You are welcome to customize the mod to your liking, and if you want to submit a translation and get featured, please send a message on Discord to the admins (Fiuzen takes care of the translations).


  • Version: 4.2b
  • Updated: 2020-03-25



Colored Grenade Messages

Cleaner Money Awards

Improved Damage Info

Improved Loading Screen

Enhanced Inventory

Cleaner Options

Clearer Event Messages

Detailed Ranking


  • Albanian by Aldo
  • Brazilian Portuguese by Fer_B
  • Chinese by LemonPAKA
  • Croatian by Dash
  • Czech by Ortieez
  • Dutch by DazzT Duck
  • Finnish by NightZ
  • French by PandaxCSGO
  • Germanby Lace
  • Hungarianby Tibix
  • Italianby aliaaahs